The Thirty Aions Series

The Thirty Aions is the main theme stitching together the bulk of my current and planned fiction. It is the name for the civilisation that emerged after the end of the Shining Empire of the Pleroma. The High History of the Thirty Aions is just that—a dramatic recounting of important events in the Post-Pleroma Multiverse. […]

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The Middle Marches, also known as the Mittelmarch, are a fictional land found in the Von Bek series of novels written by Michael Moorcock. They are described as “the world in between heaven and ours”. In my fiction, the Mittelmarche is an etheric world that stitches together the ‘normal’ parts of inhabited space. The technology […]

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The Portal Network is a vast linkage of individual wormholes stitching together the Thirty Aions of the former Shining Empire of the Pleroma. This network was created and maintained by the rulers of the Empire, the Templars, until the Pleroma’s dissolution at the end of the First Templar War. It is now maintained by the […]

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