Release Schedule of the Works of Gideon Jagged

The High History of the Thirty Aions

  • Part One:The Fate of Stars
    • Published, June 2012
    • Re-edited with new material, Expected 2020
  • Part Two: The Silvergrey Sea
    • Expected 2021
  • Part Three: Zaphyrym House
    • Coming in 2023
  • Part Four: The Wanderings of Dævara
    • Volume One: The Aion of the Dragon Fæ
      • Coming in 2025
    • Volume Two: The Tale of Dævara and Brandær
      • First Part: The King of the Elven Dark
        • Coming in 2026
      • Second Part: [untitled]
      • Third Part: [untitled]
  • Part Five: Poseidon’s Children
    • The History of the Templars of Atalanté and of the Pleroma (in several volumes)

Cornerstone Content

The Silvergrey Sea – the Beginning

Dævara in The Silvergrey Sea

Harry on the Silvergrey Sea

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