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Gideon Jagged (1963 — ) has degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science and has been a working writer since 2000.

He is the author of several books, including the novel, The Fate of Stars, The High History of the Thirty Aions, Volume One; the novella, Exiled, & a collection of short erotic fantasy, Nefastus Venereæ.

He is currently working on The Silvergrey Sea, The High History of the Thirty Aions, Volume Two.

Gideon is a freethinker, humanist, free expression absolutist, and a proud child of the Enlightenment.

He lives and works on the Pacific Coast.

Gideon’s Curriculum Vitæ

…literature is a game played naked—so that we can receive the wounds it deals us.

—Samuel R. Delany

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