Losing My Religion

The night after watching the Apollo 11 moon landing, I snuck out of the house to look at the fat crescent of the moon high in the sky and thought, ‘There are people up there!’

I didn’t know it then but—at the age of five—I had just lost my religion.

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The Price of His Art
The cover image of the short story collection

She was younger than he and not a beauty. Too much care had tarnished her features. Under the long coat, he knew, was a slender attractive figure. It was that, he could now confess that had first drawn his attention. But it was her spirit that had ensnared him. She compelled in a way a mere beauty could never have.

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Character and Narrative
Zeus versus Cronos

A close look at the stories that work will show that it is the characters themselves who change, not just their situation. That is what the reader is hoping for.

At its simplest, a good story concerns a character who is unhappy at the beginning and happy (or happier, at least) at the end.

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Sex is Good

Shame and sex do not belong in the same conversation, let alone the same act. The sexual act, with its symphonic variety, is not merely healthy, it is glorious.

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