Færie Doors

The Færie Doors are a Portal Network entirely separate from the one created by the Templars, though some claim that passage from a Network Portal to a Færie Door (and vice versa) is possible. This network was created by the elves of the Elven Convocation around the time of the First Templar War. Elfkin currently […]

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The Portal Network is a vast linkage of individual wormholes stitching together the Thirty Aions of the former Shining Empire of the Pleroma. This network was created and maintained by the rulers of the Empire, the Templars, until the Pleroma’s dissolution at the end of the First Templar War. It is now maintained by the […]

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Literary Fiction

In publishing, literary fiction novels are regarded as having more literary merit than most commercial or “genre” fiction. All the same, a number of major literary figures have also written genre fiction, for example, John Banville publishes crime novels as Benjamin Black, and both Doris Lessing and Margaret Atwood have written science fiction. Furthermore, Nobel laureate André Gide stated that Georges Simenon, best known as the creator of the fictional […]

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