Dame Dævara Tatharsdottir, Teller of Fate and whore, was a Leannán Elf born of rape on the planet Scorn to a human mother and a Templar father. Dævara was human until she in turn was raped by her father in her 18th year.

Escaping to Ælfen, a world of the Elven Convocation, Dævara subsequently discovered that, as a result of the the Templar’s assault, she would soon become Elfkin.

Near the beginning of her third century, Dævara played a pivotal role in helping her father kill the White God, an alien being who, a thousand centuries before, had destroyed the Pleroma—the Shining Empire of the Templars. (This, Dævara’s first real adventure, is recounted in The Fate of Stars.)

Over the next fifteen thousand years, Dævara and her lover Brandær, another human turned Leannán, would go on to become the most fêted adventurers in the history of the Thirty Aions.

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