Some Thoughts on Idiocy’s Cure

In my last post, I railed against the flood of the ignorant shutting their minds to new data to hide the poverty of their worldview from themselves. I touched on an number of varieties of Idiocy and suggested ways that those tired of being idiots might claw their way back to the real world. I […]

Forthcoming from Alchemy of the Word

I’ve recently begun planning my future novels and I thought I’d share. The High History of the Thirty Aions Part One: The Fate of Stars Published, June 2012 Part Two: The Silvergrey Sea Expected in 2017 Part Three: Zaphyrym House Coming in 2019 Part Four: The Wanderings of Dævara Volume One: The Aion of the Dragon Fæ Coming in 2021 […]

I’m Still Over Here, Too.

Come visit me at my Medium account and comment on some of my stories and rants. You can submit a story or an essay to one of my collections, too. https:[email protected]

New Gallery Upload

I’ve uploaded images of 45 decks of Tarot Cards. Have a browse. Feb 2 – Up to 48 now. —GJ —Gideon Jagged Glyph, January 12015 h.e. Copyright © 12015 H.E. Gideon Jagged & Alchemy of the Word