Nefastus Venereæ iBook

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Seven erotic stories of love on the edge—of safety, of sanity, of possibility.

Included are two never before published stories of the elf whore Dævara Tatharsdottir during the years of her wanderings:

Dæv’s First Hard Lesson In Whoring

After leaving her adopted home among the elves of the Aion of Ælfen, Dævara decides to try her mother’s other profession on the industrial world of Cabgorymn.  Her first client makes a request that she badly misunderstands.

Fortunately, her bodyguard, the large purple lizard man Garie, is there save her and to offer his comfort…

Amber Nights/Amber Days

Meet Amber, a simple trader who gets badly lost on her way to the Nonspace City, Glyph—so lost, in fact, that she has left Multiverse entirely.

After a nightmarish journey through the in-between spaces of the Mittelmarche, she is guided back to the Thirty Aions by a ghost with an odd accent…

While searching for answers about the Portal Web in the Mittelmarche, Dævara is shocked to find someone there in the flesh. Instantly she is intrigued by the slight, dark haired woman. She is also strangely attracted to her. Helping her get out won’t be easy, but she must meet her.

Their joining will spark an affair that is one of the most important events in either’s lives, for Amber isn’t even from the Thirty Aions—and she keeps a bigger secret still…

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