Fit for Freedom

We become their oppressors in the very act of freeing those unfit for freedom.

I remember this every time I see someone wearing a crucifix, or a yarmulke, or a niqab.

We can only free those who are fit for freedom.

We can only help the unfit through dialogue.


Image of the Day – ☉, 26 ♌ 111 ﭏ

Where Children Have to Go by Kuldar Leement

This image takes me back to the dreams of my childhood. It captures the spirit of the dream-worlds that infected me with a longing for strange places. My life as a writer of the speculative was born of a desire to find these wonders I glimpsed back then. Spend a few minutes meditating on this image and see what worlds you remember from your own youth.

In the Back Way

Abram and the White Elect sneak into Azhure’en through a world so odd that neither of them really believes it is a natural one. Their presence does not go undetected.

Unbelievers Must Die

Think carefully before you open your mouth around me. If it’s going to be negative, shut the fuck up. You will regret ignoring this friendly warning, believe me.