The Fate of Stars


It’s been 100,000 years in Universal Time, since the end of the Shining Empire.
The Thirty Aions of the Pleroma are now the million nations of the Pax Hermetica.
Peace was barely more than an idea; but war is the exception, not the rule.
Something has changed.
Death stalks worlds and stars.
In every Aion, in random galaxies, suns are going dark, whole constellations dying, disappearing.
Many speak in whispers that the Templars have returned, stretching forth their claws to reclaim what they had lost.
The truth might mean the end of everything.
Once we were ruled by the comforting rhythms of the heavens.
We now stand in trembling fear before a power that can change the Fate of the Stars themselves.


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The elven whore, Daevara, Teller of Fate, is caught up in a plan to use her skills to shatter the worlds of the Thirty Aions—remnants of The Shining Empire, dead a hundred thousand years.

She must use her charms and all her cunning to save her life—and that of her love.

Returning after ages of exile, a Great Enemy the Templars—former masters of the Empire—seeks to erase its last traces.

Caught up in its plot with Daevara are, a dwarf, six humans and a strange catlike creature, a Miu, who is much more than she seems.

Widely scattered when the story begins, they are guided to the city Glyph, an unlikely place outside of Space and Time.

There the destinies of Universes will be determined as the last enemy of the Templars races to complete its plan and Daevara must decide between living as a fleeing exile and risking everything to save all.

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—Gideon Jagged
Second Edition Published, 4 December 12013 h.e.
Copyright © 12016 H.E. Gideon Jagged & Alchemy of the Word
All Rights Reserved