Drago’s Revenge Postponed

Arriving at the mountain city of Azhure’en, Drago’s purpose had been clear: find the one responsible for his misery and force a return to his rest. Then someone who knew who he was decided to kill him.

Some Thoughts on Idiocy’s Cure

In my last post, I railed against the flood of the ignorant shutting their minds to new data to hide the poverty of their worldview from themselves. I touched on an number of varieties of Idiocy and suggested ways that those tired of being idiots might claw their way back to the real world. I […]

12 Painful Facts about Christianity | Michael Sherlock Author

Painful Fact No. 9: Christianity only rose to power due to its blatant disregard for its own Scripture, meaning, it aligned itself with a psychotic “pagan” emperor, Constantine, who boiled his wife in a hot tub, murdered his son and executed his co-emperor, and who, merely used Christianity to solidify his sole emperorship, evidenced by […]

Forthcoming from Alchemy of the Word

I’ve recently begun planning my future novels and I thought I’d share. The High History of the Thirty Aions Part One: The Fate of Stars Published, June 2012 Part Two: The Silvergrey Sea Expected in 2017 Part Three: Zaphyrym House Coming in 2019 Part Four: The Wanderings of Dævara Volume One: The Aion of the Dragon Fæ Coming in 2021 […]

A Crisis Averted—by a Worse Crisis

It would have been a tense, possibly lethal encounter with the rogue Kokkinos of the Order of Hermes, if not for the invasion of Mercurius and the attempted destruction of Azhure’en itself. Sometimes, you just get lucky. Oh, and three of the four Elementals show up.