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Fucking Your Roomie, Part Two

Her pussy glistens with moisture in the yellow light of the lamp…the globes of her buttocks quiver. Just as you’re about to dive in, you remember the wrestling match you had with yourself…Should you go for it here, or pull back a little? She turns her head and gives you a look that takes the decision out of your hands.

Fucking Your Roomie, Part One

You raise your head to see her short stroking the end of your cock with her mouth, eyes look up and right into yours. “I’m cumming!” you pant, breathily, expecting her to withdraw her mouth. You’ve had fantasies of blowing a load all over that face for weeks, now.

First Excerpt from ‘The Wanderings of Dævara, The First Tale’

There were few elves in the city; few in this constellation, in fact. Daevara Tatharsdottir would stand out even in a crowd of them. She was just under five feet in height, but with the curves of a woman. Her skin was alabaster and sparkled like silver dust. Her blush, when it bloomed, was the palest blue. Small teats were capped with frosted blue areolas. The auburn glory of her hair (ringlets cascading past her shoulders) was threaded through with strands of gold.

Stranger in the Attic

Beautiful.  All I could think was—beautiful.  Puberty was some years off for me, but I knew things in an intellectual way.  This Lady brought home for me what some of those things must feel like.


She knew this and didn’t prolong her ablutions.   Once it was slicked to her satisfaction, she pushed her tits together, nestling my dick between them and began stoking me slowly, watching me with that teasing smile.