Unbelievers Must Die

Think carefully before you open your mouth around me. If it’s going to be negative, shut the fuck up. You will regret ignoring this friendly warning, believe me.

The Final Lesson: Writing is Hard

Writing is hard. Good writing is self-torture. The process is something we don’t understand and the payoff is a feeling that we cannot articulate (which, being writers, embarrasses us). Writing is hate-fucking your own brain.


SEX! SEX! Are You Squirming Yet?

…for some reason, being called a pornographer and smut merchant isn’t as fun as it was a year ago. I’m feeling almost physically assaulted, not because I’ve written erotica, but because I refuse to act or talk like I’m even a little ashamed of having done so.

The Alien Psyche and Storytelling

A gesture that, from a human would be a invitation to sex, might indicate a deadly threat when coming from an alien. The psyche of other intelligent species is a minefield that the writer of speculative fiction must tread carefully.

Publishing Reversion Clauses | The Passive Voice

But wait, you say!!! (I can hear you.) Right there, in my contract, is a reversion clause that allows me, under certain conditions, to get my book transferred back to me so that I can get it back into print indie publishing or resell it to another publisher.

On the surface it seems that way. And that land for sale in Florida looks great as well in those pictures.