Unbelievers Must Die

Think carefully before you open your mouth around me. If it’s going to be negative, shut the fuck up. You will regret ignoring this friendly warning, believe me.

Compassion’s Casualties

Taking sides in the fatuous exercise of deciding which brand of nonsense is the correct one ends up endorsing a lesser evil and in perpetuating the fiction that any of this absurdity currently killing or torturing millions of my fellow humans (most of whom are Muslims) is worth keeping.

Resolutions Past

Compassion begins with realizing that you are entitled to benefit from it yourself. Be compassionate about your own life. Forgive yourself. Help yourself achieve the happiness that you deserve. Then and only then can you really be compassionate about others.

Love Will Not Get Us Through

Love is a stupid way of living. Not making any serious life choices while on the dopamine high of infatuation saves you the agony of explaining to that Special Someone that by ‘forever’ you only meant until September.