Some Thoughts on Idiocy’s Cure

In my last post, I railed against the flood of the ignorant shutting their minds to new data to hide the poverty of their worldview from themselves. I touched on an number of varieties of Idiocy and suggested ways that those tired of being idiots might claw their way back to the real world. I […]

12 Painful Facts about Christianity | Michael Sherlock Author

Painful Fact No. 9: Christianity only rose to power due to its blatant disregard for its own Scripture, meaning, it aligned itself with a psychotic “pagan” emperor, Constantine, who boiled his wife in a hot tub, murdered his son and executed his co-emperor, and who, merely used Christianity to solidify his sole emperorship, evidenced by […]

Fit for Freedom

We become their oppressors in the very act of freeing those unfit for freedom.

I remember this every time I see someone wearing a crucifix, or a yarmulke, or a niqab.

We can only free those who are fit for freedom.

We can only help the unfit through dialogue.