Holiday Snaps

A couple of pics from my recent trip to the Alchemy offices in Glyph.

In the Merchant's Quarter, Near the Inclino Gate

In the Merchant’s Quarter, Near the Inclino Gate Registered & Protected RJPZ-8MU3-W2E8-QCAB

In the Heart of the Mages Quarter, Next Day

In the Heart of the Mage’s Quarter, Next Day Registered & Protected 2FKD-CR8J-LKEJ-AGEF

—Gideon Jagged
Innsmouth, May 12017 h.e.
Copyright © 12017 H.E. Gideon Jagged & Alchemy of the Word
All Rights Reserved

Orphaned by the Storm

In the aftermath of the destruction of the mountain of Primal Matter, Harry Tranker and Drago, the Water Man find themselves i very different places, facing very different predicaments.

Hermes versus Poseidon

A grim, suicide mission of a plan – destroy the mountain of Primal Matter to rob the Sea God of the energy needed to birth another Ten Kings. Even if they succeed, will it even make a difference?

Magick Thwarted

Events move toward the goal of the God of the Sea as the Earth Woman (with Drago as a reluctant participant) collects the Elements and head for the Evanescents. The Hermetists have a nasty surprise for her, however.

Poseidon Ascendant

As the Elects decide on the best course of action to end the threat of the Meraculus Mercurius, the MM itself realizes that its extinction will come at the hands of an unsuspected foe.

The Real Enemy Revealed

While Abram and the Elects work out how to counter the a resurgent Meraculus Mercurius, Drago makes a discovery of a far more dangerous enemy—one that has used the MM itself.